Herumor - Eine Liebe Nicht Weniger Tief - DOUBLE LP Gatefold

  • Description

    The fans had to wait many years, because storyteller Asp Spreng took his time with the first album of his story folk project Herumor. The songwriter shows another side of him - not only musically, but also less dark and rooted in the world of gothic novels as his other band ASP. Herumor moves between the twilight, dusk and patchworks of eternal forests and mysterious otherworlds. The listener can enjoy tales of elves, trolls, and nymphs, mysterious skeletal figures patrolling through the woods and all manner of mythical creatures. But even for crackling-erotic romance and for tragic love stories there is room on "Eine Liebe nicht weniger tief": emotional, mysterious, but never crossing the kitsch treshold. The sound dimension invites you to dream, as well as the stories themselves and absolute exceptional musicians could be recruited. The wait was worth it. The gateway to another world is always open a gap.

    Side A : Zwielichtgestalten / Der Knochenmann, das Vöglein und die Nymphe / Rüstzeug
    Side B : Die Ballade vom "Treuen Troll" / Windrad
    Side C : Nie am Tage / Achte meiner Liebe nicht / Schneekönigin, wohin / Happy End für alte Knochen
    Side D : ETCHING

  • Informations complémentaires

    Groupe Herumor
    Titre Eine Liebe Nicht Weniger Tief
    Label Trisol
    Genre musical général Gothic / New Age / Dark Ambient
    Genre musical détaillé Medieval Gothic
    Code barre 4260063947124
    Référence TRI712LP
    Date de sortie 20 nov. 2020
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