The Shrine - Rare Breed - CD DIGIPAK

The Shrine - Rare Breed - CD DIGIPAK

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  • Description

    THE SHRINE from Venice, LA take you on a heavy trip to a world of smoke, sweat, paranoia, evil women, Marshall amps, skateboards, and all things rock and roll. They are the missing link between Black Sabbath and Black Flag, MC5 and MDC. Over the course of their last two records: 2012's “Primitive Blast” and 2014's “Bless Off” (both released on Tee Pee Records), THE SHRINE has captured the hearts and minds of hardcores, heshers and skaters alike. Sonically speaking, this band fuses the wildest riffs of your dad’s vinyl collection with the fury of a backyard punk show getting busted by the cops. Delivered as bursts of urgent screams, the lyrics question reality and demand self-empowerment. True Fact: The very amp that Black Flag recorded their landmark “Damaged” album with now resides in THE SHRINE's rehearsal space and has been a part of all of the band's recordings. However, “Rare Breed”, produced by Dave Jerden (Alice In Chains, Social Distortion), is no exercise in nostalgia. The lessons from the past have been learned and labels like punk, hard rock, and heavy metal have been transcended and rendered obsolete. The band refers to their sound simply as Psychedelic Violence. Find out yourself and blast tracks like the fantastic opener “Coming Down Quick”, “Death To Invaders” with its great Lizzy-lick, the punk attack “Never More Than Now” or the doomy seven minutes finale “Space Sleeping” ULTRA-LOUD!

  • Informations complémentaires

    Groupe The Shrine
    Titre Rare Breed
    Label Century Media
    Genre musical général Rock / Hard Rock / Glam
    Genre musical détaillé Stoner Rock
    Code barre 5051099860889
    Référence 9986088
    Date de sortie 30 oct. 2015
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